A Conversation About Sleep

The end of the school year is killing me on so many levels. It’s 11:00 now and I just finished working with Erin on her math homework. That is, all but the six we couldn’t figure out. It’s like there is this huge push to get as much in on the last week of school. So darn counterproductive because everyone is just maxed out. And that is including the teachers.

Yesterday we had a Girl Scout meeting and that lasted until 8:00. After I chatted up each of the parents when they picked up their daughter, I didn’t get back in the house until about 9:00.

Then work, I wasn’t able to leave until 6:30 today, which means I arrived home at 7:30. I literally walked in, sat in the chair, and went to sleep until almost 9:00.  8:44 per my Fitbit:

Fitbit Nap


Speaking of sleep – look at how awful I sleep.  I mean it is actually pretty disturbing to me. I go in for a physical in a few weeks and I’m going to go and have a sleep study done and see if I need a CPAP machine. I am so tired every day that I have trouble staying up on my way to work. I often sit in the car and sleep for another 15 minutes when I pull into work.

Fitbit Week Sleep

The little hash marks mean that I was restless and when it is red, that means that I was actually up.

I know a big problem is that I have to sleep with ‘one eye open’ because Rob often has low blood sugar at night and occasionally I need to help if he goes too low. I recently told him that I think I need to move out of the room and get my own bed because it is just not healthy to never get a good night sleep.

This reminds me to talk about last Friday, if you notice, I had a little catnap from 9:10-11:17. I took the day off work because I had an early morning violation, I mean ultrasound, of my lady parts. They found a cyst on my right ovary. Interesting. That explains the insane pain I feel when I ovulate on that side. I have no idea what they are going to do, my doctor never even called me back, I just read the results on my medical portal when they posted. It looks to be about an inch and from what I’ve read online they don’t really do much with something that small.

Later that day I had an appointment with my boob doctor. Things look good. They were happy with how I was healing and packing really wasn’t helping much because it would fall right out since it didn’t have much depth any longer. Would you know they burned the shit out of my incision and the remaining opening with some silver nitrate. It hurt for a freaking day afterward, but it looks like it really kicked the closing of the incision into overdrive. I’m definitely looking forward to putting this behind me. I’m praying it doesn’t come back.

That’s all I have for the night – I’m going to try and get some sleep :)


3 thoughts on “A Conversation About Sleep

  1. Yes. Get a sleep study done! I had one about 4 years ago and it showed I was waking up every 45 seconds. I have a CPAP machine and I sleep so well now. (Except time like last night when I just couldn’t call asleep.) It is a nuisance to sleep with a machine attached to your face but you get used to it.
    DId you ever get a definitive diagnosis with your breast?
    LOL at early morning violation! Bwhahhahahha! I have had an ultrasound that way and there is no better way to describe it.

  2. I thought I left a comment here? Hmmm? I am either losing it or it or it disappeared into the interweb tubes.

    I said something about having a CPAP machine and it has been life changing. I had a sleep study and was waking up every 45 seconds.

    I know exactly what you mean by your early morning violation, I have had that type of ultrasound and it is so very violating, If a man had been doing I would have refused

  3. Look Birdie – I found your comment – it was in my spam – you are totally NOT losing it!!! To answer your question, no, never received an official diagnosis on my breast. I’m just so happy I have a chance to start putting it behind me. So far, I’m impressed with how good it is healing. As for being violated via ultrasound, I would have walked out of the room if it had been a male technician. I couldn’t have handled that.

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