Things I Saved on Facebook This Week

I have an addiction of ‘saving’ things when I come across them in my Facebook timeline thinking that I will come back and read them later.  I do occasionally go back, but not nearly enough to stay on top of things. At the moment, I have 458 items saved to read later. So, I thought that I would start sharing them with you here at a weekly theme.

A Boy and His Dog


First up, let’s hit on a heartwarming story. A woman was reviewing her security camera at home and she noticed a little boy from the neighborhood drop his bike, run up into her garage where her dog was, give her dog a hug and then run back to his bike to ride off. She was so touched by his love for her dog, she reached out to the neighborhood trying to find him. Once he was identified and they talked, she found out the dog and boy were good friend. Follow the link above to read the story and see the home security video. Awww…too much love here!


Graduation Dessert

It’s graduation season – wouldn’t it be cool if you were skilled enough to kick out some cookies like this!?!


I will not judge, I will not judge, I will not judge…

We can categorize this as totally bizarre.  This woman quit her job in order to breastfeed someone truly special in her life. I’m not judging though, just trying to process it all.

How true is this!?!


Game Three

There is a big basketball game tonight and it looks like the Cav’s are feeling a little bit bullied. I’m not sure I’d call it being bullied, but they sure did get their butts kicked in that last game. For Erin’s sake, I hope they pull it out this game before they get too far behind in the series.


Recipes I Saved This Week…



6 thoughts on “Things I Saved on Facebook This Week

  1. You are a better person than I am for not judging the breastfeeding relationship. Here goes… Are they fucking kidding me? I don’t know where to start. She quit her job? And for all the women out there that are really trying to normalize breastfeeding these two twits have taken us down a few pegs. And the fact that she is dry feeding makes me further pissed off. I know a woman that attempted breastfeeding an adopted child and it was a long, painful and difficult process. This couple laughs in the face of a beautiful bond between a mother and her child. I can almost understand if she was done breastfeeding a child and her partner wanted to give it a try but this is just weird. They are both narcissists that need their head examined.

    Now I feel better!

    Love those cookies but if I made them they would end up on Pinterest FAIL!

  2. I am just commenting on your comment on my blog. All the advice and guidance I gave you was already inside you. All I did was help you see it. All I did is help you see that you are an amazing, strong, intelligent, resilient and beautiful person. I am just a normal everyday person that hopes my words help bring out the best in people. xo

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