Arbonne, Day #1

I’m sipping my first detox tea this morning and I thought it would be a good time to post. Taking some major steps to getting my health back so that I can not only put the past behind me, but start looking forward to a future. The past year, all my health issues, the massive amounts of antibiotics I was on, the anesthesia for four surgeries…I feel it all lurking inside me, draining every ounce of energy in my body.

As I started to put my life back together I was seeking a program that would kick start my weight loss and help me rid my body of all the toxins. I found this Arbonne program and it clicked off every single box I was looking for:

  • Shake based.
  • No gluten.
  • Low glycemic (since I have a tendency to have blood sugar fluctuation).
  • No whey (I’m certain I’m allergic).

It also happens to be vegan and a whole lot of other stuff that wasn’t on my checklist, but makes me feel good about its purity.

So I’m taking the next 30-days to focus on just eating one meal a day and supplementing the other two with these shakes that I’ll be making on my own. I’ve never done any type of detox or weight loss program outside of just eating right before so I’m skeptical, yet I know this is what I need right now.

I’m actually really excited for this.

Well, my first tea is gone and I liked it. I don’t feel weird at all. This is a good sign my body will tolerate the products. I’ll jump back in, maybe even today again, to document how the first day is going.


7 thoughts on “Arbonne, Day #1

  1. AGH! I just left a long comment and it’s gone.

    Do you take probiotics? Antibiotics are so bad for our guts and stop potential weight loss no matter how hard you try. I had 6 UTIs in 2 years. After I started taking probiotics I lost 25 pounds. (Also, lower carb and very high fiber.) I got another UTIs in January and have been on 3 different antibiotics. 0 weight loss. In fact, I gained.
    I take 100 with 10 strains of probiotics. If you want learn more check on Brenda Watson. I heard her on PBS. The book is called The Skinny Gut Diet. A name that I loathe because it sound like yet another miracle cure, which it’s not. I didn’t buy anything from her and you don’t have to. They only thing I did buy were some probiotics and some digestive enzymes frOm my local health food store.

    • Yes, I take a high dose of probiotics and my body tells me if I ever go off track. I can’t live without them and I have everyone I know using them too. It’s funny, once you know the greatness of them, you want the world to know! This regimen I’m on with Arbonne also has a probiotic component and that is one of the reasons why I went for it. It hit my buttons on a lot of levels.

  2. I look forward to hearing how this goes – it sounds interesting – though things with the words “cleanse” and “detox” make me nervous! BUT – it is two years on after all my surgeries and I am still all “ugh”

    • I’m exactly the same. There were key elements to it that brought me to the other side. I’m exactly one week in and believe it or not the fog I’ve been in is lifting. My knees are about 75% pain free, my feet are almost 100%, I have a lot of energy. Just walking around I feel like I might be able to see my old self coming through. I’m very happy so far. Weight-wise I have my first date with the scale at 6:00 pm.

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